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National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium


September 27-29, 2024, New York, NY

New York Law School, Tribeca, New York

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Thirty-eight states have some form of medical marijuana.  23 States, D.C. Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Tribal nations now have adult use marijuana laws with many others exploring legislation and referenda for recreational marijuana for 2024.

These developing changes in the laws are impacting our courts, our families and society. It is also creating a dynamic and sometimes challenging landscape for various disciplines, including, Law Enforcement, Judges, Attorneys, Specialty Court Professionals, Scientists, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry, Academia, and Employment and Human Resource Associations & Organizations.

The Symposium brings together all of these disciplines who bring with them a variety of viewpoints. The Byline for the Symposium is therefore “Educating One Another.” This year we have again extended our Partnerships and have broadened the participation.  We will again have a professional Facilitator for the discussion breakouts and again award the Symposium Education Award (SEA) (SEA Criteria). We hope that you join us and enjoy the Symposium!

The revenue generated from this Symposium will be used to cover the cost and seed money. We have been donating the excess funds to 501(C)(3)s. Thanks to all who have continued to support it. We give scholarships (Scholarship Application) to law students and supplement travel for some speakers.


Andrew DeWeese • Attorney

"One of the best conferences I have ever participated in. I have been to so many, but the mix of different disciplines here, combined with everyone being so engaged, really stood out. I’m looking forward to next time"


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NJC National Judicial College

American Judges Association

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